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 2018 - 2019 Uniform Policy  (We are happy to announce a new local vendor - MASCOT UNIVERSE ...)

The goal of ISLOL is to provide students with an environment where they feel confident and successful.

We believe uniforms present a professional appearance. It is expected that students come to school well groomed and modestly dressed for their school day. The Imagine Uniform Task Force seeks out advice from students, parents and teachers to revise our policy annually. Some colors and styles may be discontinued at the discretion of the task force.

Retailers are asked to remove retired products from their inventory; however, we allow students to wear retired items currently owned (exception is black bottoms.)


 Imagine School shirt colors are black, navy, royal blue, and red with school logo.

 Shirts must be purchased through our local vendor, MASCOT UNIVERSE - either in store or online

 Short or Long sleeve polo style shirts are acceptable. Dri-Fit polos are also available in all approved colors

 In the colder months, students may wear a white, red, or black long sleeve shirt under the uniform polo.

     Approved jackets with logo are also available ---- only jackets with school logo can be worn indoors.


 Navy and Khaki colors only (Shorts, Dress Cargos, Skorts or Pants) - Jegging/Jogger style not allowed.

 Fitted to the waist (should not fall down without a belt)

 Leggings can be worn under uniform bottoms in cold weather.

 Shorts or skorts should be an appropriate length for school -no shorter than 4" above the knee.

 Ripped or distressed styles, sagging bottoms or exposed undergarments are prohibited.


 Sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets must also have the school logo (

 We recommend having your child’s name on the tag.

 Leggings are permitted UNDER uniform bottoms in colder weather, but not alone. Shorts or skirts worn over leggings should be no  

 shorter than 4" above the knee.


 All students will wear socks. All colors, designs, or lengths are permitted.


 Athletic style shoes with laces/velcro MUST be worn each day (closed toed and rubber soled).

 Heelies, boat shoes, boots, sandals or 5 finger sneakers are not allowed.

Friday Spirit Day Attire:

Spirit Days: Students K-8 are encouraged to show their school spirit by wearing an Imagine spirit T-shirt. Shirts are available through Imagine ONLY. Imagine Spirit shirts should be worn with uniform shorts, jeans, denim shorts or denim skirts. Colored jeans, ripped or distressed styles, jeggins and skinny styles are not allowed.

Middle School students may wear basketball-style athletic shorts.

Option 1: Spirit Shirt (club, grade level, character, Dragon, etc.) with approved bottoms.

Option 2: School Uniform

Wednesday Free Dress

With the purchase of a spirit card, students may opt to dress in non-uniform attire on Wednesdays. Students may wear shorts, skorts, t-shirts, basketball shorts, etc. as long as meet the length requirement - no more than 4" above the knee.

Racer back tanks, athletic apparel, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, camis and strapless tops are not acceptable. Sleeveless shirt straps should be at least 4 fingers wide. Closed toed athletic shoes must be worn daily.

Students that have not purchased a spirit card must be in uniform.


as they can cause serious injuries in hallways with 200+ students passing through at any given time

Reasonable accommodations will be made to the uniform policy based on a student's religion, disability or medical condition.