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When behavior issues do arise, our staff follows our school-wide behavior flow chart that outlines interventions and consequences. When teachers use the flowchart interventions and they are unsuccessful, a Minor Discipline Report will be entered and tracked. To ensure we partner with families, teachers will contact parents through email or phone calls when these types of events occur. Once a student has three minor incidents a Major Office Discipline Referral may be issued at the fourth offense of the same or similar behavior. At this point, administration will determine the next steps that best suit the situation and behavior.

We approach behavior interventions in a similar way to academic interventions. As a team we search for the cause of the behavior and implement interventions to support the student. PBIS is a reinforcement and consequence based system. As a community we see the need to move away from reactive punishments and a move toward restoring relationships and supporting the growth of students in a positive direction.

We can’t embark on this mission alone.  We look forward to teaching your family about PBIS and the importance it has in both the school and home setting.  

Thank you for your partnership.

PBIS Rewards Program

Positive Behavioral and Interventions Support

Imagine School at Land O' Lakes is proud to be a PBIS Gold Model School.  We work with other PBIS (Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports) schools in Pasco County and The Florida Positive Behavior Interventions Support (FLPBIS) project.

ISLOL is committed to recognizing and reinforcing excellent behavior and correcting negative behaviors with support, reteaching and partnering with families to support the character and behavior needs of our students.

In the first few weeks of school, students will learn our campus-wide expectations and will have opportunities throughout the year to practice and grow in these beliefs.  We encourage you to reinforce these same expectations at home, so we can partner together!

ISLOL uses a digital platform called

PBIS Rewards

as our reinforcement economy.
Students will have the opportunity to earn points daily for showing good character and meeting our S.O.A.R. expectations. Each grade level tracks and rewards for points. Students who are high earners will have opportunities to participate in events and celebrations and to earn prizes.

Contact your child's teacher for the
and view your child's progress throughout the year.