Imagine School at Land O' Lakes

Girls Basketball

Congratulations on being selected to represent Imagine School at Land O Lakes as a Student-Athlete!  

Parents/Guardians, please complete the Athletic Forms Packet under the “Athletics” tab on the school website. Once completed, please turn it in to your head coach ASAP.  

All student-athletes are required to complete the NFHS courses that are listed in the athletic packet.  Once completed, please submit each certificate of completion to your head coach.  Instructions on how to create a NFHS account and complete the courses are provided within the athletic packet.  

A parent/player meeting will be held next week.  Please keep a look out for an announcement on REMIND for a date and time.  A link is posted on this page in order for you to pay the athletic fee.  Please keep in mind the athletic fee is per student-athlete and students who play multiple sports throughout the year will be required to pay the athletic fee for each sport they play.  

Student-athletes will not be allowed to participate in practices or games until they have submitted their completed athletic packet, NFHS certificates of completion, and their athletic fees.  

We’re all excited and looking forward to a successful season. 

Go Dragons!




​Parent Meeting:


NFHS Learn:

Athletic Fee:


​GG Getz

Jailenne Breton

Rayna Watson

Lily Kanicki

Rayya Adams

Kendal Peal

Gabriella Kirby

Josie Grant

Ava Kosmach

Janessa Rodriguez

Ariane Owens

​Anuyah Torres


Ashley Getz

Head Coach