Eli Levy

​Austin Newton

Bernie Pinero

Trey Santana

​Desmond Tineo

Cody Williams

Dyllan Brown

​Dondray Cartwright

Kendrick Frimpong

Brian Novillo

​Derek Natal

Sean Chasteen

Bryce Reed

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Congratulations to our 2017-18 Team!

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  • Damian Chambers
  • Varsity Basketball Coach
  • * Bradstreet Sports Program Director
    * “The Ball Movement” Director
    * 4 yrs coaching experience - AAU league and ISLOL (1 undefeated season)
    * 2 AAU tournament championships

  • Kenneth  McDonald
  • JV Basketball Coach
  • * “Think Basketball Academy” Owner
    * Coaching member of USA Basketball
    * 4 yrs coaching experience, including 3 yrs as Assistant Coach for Rushe Middle
    * 3 Rushe conference championships


Ronald Jeune

Noah Mathen

Malik Smith

Ty Robinson

Maxwell Bernstein

Malik Pajotte

Darrel Davis

Noah Sagnip

Logan Kanicki

​Xavier Goulbourne

​Noah Sagnip