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Our Bus Drivers

It's an honor to be able to offer bus transportation to over 400 students at ISLOL. 

We will be reducing the number of riders due to COVID compliance. We cannot elaborate on this until we have completed registration numbers. There are many options, such as adding routes and reorganizing our drivers for efficiency. We are asking ALL families that are attending on campus or virtual classes who would like bus transportation to select “YES” when completing registration.  There are no held seats from previous years. We will give priority to those returning bus families choosing campus instruction, then those new to the bus choosing bus transportation and finally those planning virtual instruction for semester one.  Again, we cannot communicate final plans until we have registration count and we meet with our team. We do understand the importance of transportation on your decision and we will do our best.

Our students will follow the same SOAR expectations on the bus that they do in our school building.   When riding, waiting for the bus at designated bus stops, loading or unloading, students must follow the Student Code of Conduct.  

The following important bus expectations will be followed:

• The bus driver is in full authority and must be obeyed

• Students are required to obey driver’s hand signals when crossing the road

• Students are required to wear safety restraints, when they are available on the bus

• Students will stand off the roadway while waiting for the bus

• Students will board and leave the bus at their assigned bus stops unless other arrangements are made by written request of the parent and signed by the principal or designee

• Students will not distract the bus driver

• Students will sit properly and remain seated while the bus is in motion

• Students will not throw or project anything inside or out of the bus

• Students will not litter, mark, deface, or damage any part of the bus

• Students will sit in any seat assigned to them

• Students will not eat, drink, or smoke on the bus

• The emergency exit will be used only in cases of emergency

• No animals (dead or alive), glass or glass containers, sharp objects, ball bats, cutting instruments, batons, drumsticks, or other objects that could become dangerous projectiles during a sudden stop or accident will be allowed on the bus without prior permission of the driver

Large objects (larger than students can safely hold in their laps)which interfere with seating and safety of others, will not be permitted on the bus

• Students will not engage in behaviors that could negatively impact the safety of those on board the bus

The above rules will also apply on extracurricular and athletic trips.

Bus drivers will report students who violate the Student Code of Conduct and fail to follow school bus expectations to the school administration for appropriate action.  Administrators shall investigate and issue interventions and consequences accordingly.  Violations of the Student Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action including suspension of riding privileges and bus expulsion when appropriate.

Parent conferences are not permitted while the bus is en route or stopped at a bus stop. Any conference that the parents wish to have with the bus driver must be scheduled with the school’s administration. 

We ask that you please be on time for your bus. You should arrive no later than 3 minutes before bus pickup/drop off to avoid delays. The bus drivers cannot wait at stop for late riders. Bus drivers will not leave students at the bus stops unless a parent/guardian is present at the time of drop off unless we have parent permission in writing. If there is no one present at the stop during drop off, the student will be brought back to Imagine where their parent/guardian will be responsible for picking up their child (which may incur a fee). This is for the safety of our students. Students must use the bus stop that is assigned to them both to and from school, unless prior accommodations have been made.

*Adapted from the Pasco County Student Code of Conduct 




Transportation Manager

Bus Expectations and Policies



Melissa Andresen